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The Guilford Free Library

is one of the oldest continuously operating public libraries in Vermont. It was founded in 1890 as the result of a bequest from Cynthia King. The money she left to the town of Guilford, Vermont was for the purchase of books. The catch, the town would have to build or acquire a building. The current home of the library was built in 1891 by G.W. Franklin, on land owned by William Barney. The cost of the building was $300. The Guilford Free Library opened on July 2, 1892.

There is information that, prior to this, the town of Guilford maintained a small public library from approximately 1790 to 1815. This certainly makes the town of Guilford one of the earliest supporters of literature in the nation.

Each year Town Meeting appropriates money in support of the library and its building. Each year the Guilford Free Library trustees and Friends raise money to purchase new books and provide programs.


Laura Lawson Tucker, co-chair        257-7024
Judith Serkin, co-chair
Richard  Wizansky
Sandra Cortes
John Shaw

Nika Fotopulos

Jeannette Tokarz

Link to minutes and agenda
of the Board of Trustees Meetings.

Friends and Volunteers


Deb Albright

Ruth Allard

Ragan Anderson Beebe

Annette Black

Laurie Carter
Pat Haine

Emma Hallowell
Linda Hay

Amber Hunt
Lesley Malouin

Gabe Maulucci
Karen Murphy

Josh Nelson

Patrice Pennington

Marty Ramsburg
Candace Stoumen

Crystal Washburn

Galen Wohnus

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